Farro – Italian Superfood


What is it?

Farro, is a type of Ancient Wheat Grain that has been eaten for thousands of years around the world.

How to use it?

As an “old world grain,” it has many versatile uses: Traditionally Farro has been used in soups, salads and even some desserts, usually paired with olive oil, fresh herbs, fruit and all types of vegetables.

What makes it special?

Famous for its nutty creamy texture and flavour and excellent nutritional benefits boasting lots of fibre, B vitamins, zinc, iron and even a good dose of protein.

Nutritional Facts

It contains gluten, but it contains lower levels than today’s wheat, and if prepared properly, the gluten is pre-digested and broken down by sprouting and fermentation like a sourdough process.

This makes it much more tolerable with anyone sensitive to gluten.